sët was founded with the intention to give meaning to the things we give away. for us, this starts with conscious decisions on all levels. therefore, we worked out an ethical guideline that works in four simple steps to offer fair + fashionable kids clothing and interior items.

in house design

all our products are designed by us. our expertise in art pedagogy, fashion + product design provides us with the consciousness to always start creating with functionality, aesthetics and durability in mind. part of this process is to think further and to include the re-use of material scraps in our designs.

fair production

to bring our ideas from paper to reality, we are combining two ways of production: firstly, we cooperate with ethical and local workshops. the other part of our products is made by ourselves - in our ateliers and workshops.

limited collections

as we produce limited pieces in a steady pace and ethical manner, there is only a limited amount of each item available at a time. this helps us to prevent useless over-production and shows what we + you really need



material follows ethics. and our ethics of a sustainable consumption culture naturally include organic and certified (oeko-tex 100 standard + GOTS certified) fabrics for our clothes made in Turkey or Portugal. if occasionally and for any reason we cant keep this standard, we will be transparent about it.


the wood we use remains as natural as it falls in our hands - we don’t use any extra treatment or oils.


in case we use colour for certain products, we make sure to use water-based paints which are resistant to sweat and saliva.

re-use of material scraps

everything we create also produces a certain amount of waste. we are aware of both, that problem and our responsibility to keep our production waste to a minimum. therefore, we are trying to counteract this problem by designing some products especially to reduce and re-use our production waste. for example, our tapestries tëa or crown nëo are nearly entirely made from our high quality material scraps.


we are

Svea Handle, Zoë Denault, Teresa Egger and Tilla Handle. 4 young open minds a mix of fashion designer, teacher, product designer & artist. in October 2020 we founded the design studio sët.

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